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Floyd Mayweather Bet $10.4 Million On The Broncos In The Super Bowl

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Floyd Mayweather is such a fucking hardo.     Yeah betting 10.4 million on the Superbowl is a lot of money, blah, blah, blah.   Big whoop. The dude is worth like 10 gadzillion dollars.  Like this is probably a $1,000 bet for normal people.  Talk to me when you bet like half your net worth on a random college basketball Saturday.  That’s when you know you’re a degenerate with a problem.   I’m not bragging because it’s disgusting.  I’m just saying I’m sick of this guy bragging about the sizes of his bets.   I guarantee you I bet more proportionally than he does and you don’t see me trying to be Mr. Tough guy about it.

PS – Brian Kenny interviewed Adrian Broner on Saturday.  Dude said when he lost it was like Floyd Mayweather actually lost because people think they are so much alike.  Most bizarre sentence I’ve ever heard in my life.