Since When Is The Fireball An Illegal Move In Wrestling?

I'm not going to get up here and act like I know everything there is to know about wrestling. But I'm willing to bet right now that you could go cover-to-cover through the wrestling rulebook and nowhere in there will there be a rule explicitly stating that simulated fireballs are against the rules. I may not be a huge wrestling fan but I'm certainly a massive fan of justice in sports. And the fact that these kids got disqualified by this son of a bitch ref who decided to make the match all about himself? Well that just doesn't sit right with me. 

It's like that scene out of "Semi-Pro" when Father Pat had no idea what to do when he saw an alley-oop for the first time. 

"Foul! Wait, two fouls! People can't just go flying through the air like that". 

Father Pat was an unimaginative wrong bitch, and so is this ref. Until you show me the page that says no simulated fireballs, I see nothing wrong with this move. Just makes me sick thinking that poor little Timmy over here has to end up with the DQ on his record because some ref didn't have the balls or the courage to let this one play out. 

h/t BarDown