Old Man Puts Young, Weenie Millennial In The Verbal Camel Clutch Over A Parking Dispute

The young dude filming this video sounds like a USDA Certified Piece of Cowardly Cow Steak. Grade A Puss Puss. Imagine being so up-in-arms over what the elderly are doing. This fella is just slow-walking his way to the grocery store to pick up some V-8 juice and your entitled ass thinks you should have the right-of-way? In the words of soon-to-be millionaire Kevin Clancy, for sure not. That's not how it goes at the grocery store, bub. The olds make the rules. They can go in any lane they want even if they have 15 items. They can get the carts that are electric, take samples of cheeses without paying, and go against the grain in the parking lot. You dont like it? Tough shit. The get free grapes even if that makes yours sour. This is their world and we are lucky enough to be living it. 

"Dont assault me. Dont touch me." Fucking embarrassing. Imagine... just imagine being this dude and filming an old man with a fucking cane and uploading this to the internet thinking people will be on your side. When someone is old enough to wear a brown shirt with the same color of brown pants, they are old enough to do whatever they want driving in a parking lot. You move for them, not the other way around. I'm surprised the young dude didn't get molly whopped on the side of the dome when he insulted his wife's driving. It's one thing for a man to insult his old ass wife's driving. It's another thing for some iPhone-addicted, tinder-swiping, email-answering, student loan debt-having ass millennial insult your bride's parking lot driving.  Fucking pathetic.