There Is Not A More Must-Watch Player in the NBA Than Trae Young

No big deal, Trae Young just had another ho-hum 34 points and seven assists last night against one of the best teams in the NBA. Or in other words, just about an average game for him this season.

Side note: Trae Young's real first name is Rayford? Going by Trae was a good choice.

Anyway, Rayford/Trae has quickly transformed himself into the most must-watch player in the NBA. Every night, he does something that almost nobody else in the league can do. Last night, it was easily nailing a couple shots from the mid-court and sponsor logos.

Every time down the floor, there's a chance Young is going to do something you've never seen before. Sure, most of his team is hot garbage, but that makes it even better. He knows he has to do most of it by himself — and he usually does. In a season where watching the Hawks would otherwise be an exercise in futility and punishment, Young has made it actually fun.

There are certainly a handful of players in the league that are all-around better players than Young, but I don't think there's one I'd rather watch when he's on than Trae.

While I did think the Hawks would be a little better this season, if you're not going to be a realistic contender, just tank it all the way. Let's go get Anthony Edwards and form the greatest and most ridiculously fun offense in the NBA next season.