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The Miami Heat Have Supposedly Banned The Biebs From Attending Heat Games

EonlineE! News had learned that after being released from jail for his DUI arrest earlier today, Biebs was expected to attend the NBA game in Miami against the Los Angeles Lakers. However, he ultimately was a no-show—apparently at the behest of the home team. A source tells E! News Bieber’s tickets were pulled last minute by the Heat because they didn’t want the particular brand of attention that his presence would inevitably attract.


Let me say this loud and clear.  There is negative infinity chance that this rumor is true.   There is no way the Heat would have the stones to ban Bieber from their games.   You don’t ban Bieber.  Bieber bans you.  And what does that even mean the Heat didn’t want that particular brand of attention anyway?   Umm this isn’t the Utah Jazz we’re talking about.  This isn’t Salt Lake City.  This is Miami.  This is South Beach.  This is the Heat we are talking about.   The biggest bunch of primadonnas on the planet.  This is the team that threw a rock concert before they ever won a game.   This is exactly the type of attention they want.   But more importantly you know how I know this isn’t true?  Because if they did ban Bieber I guarantee you he’d just buy the fucking the team.   That’s what I’d do.  That’s what he’d do.   Probably have crazy Selena sex in the owners box too and make himself the starting PG. Oh you think you’re a star Bron Bron? Nope. You haven’t seen shit yet.