We Really Need To Start Bullying The Sixers More

This fucking team, man. Out of all the piece of shit teams that have come through the city of Philadelphia, this team is the most frustrating. As Andy Reid would say, this team is like sweet & sour pork. They have the talent to be world beaters. We've seen them look like the most dominant team in the NBA in small spurts. You put this team up against anybody at home and they'll find a way to get it done. Then these fucking assholes go on the road and they get ran off the court by the Heat while Jimmy Butts puts up 38 points. 

And I know that everybody hates having to work the day after the Super Bowl so I get why they'd get curb stomped last night after spending Super Bowl Sunday in Miami. But still. This team is too soft to be a Philly team. This team has no heart. You don't get to call yourself a legitimate title contender and then lose by 31. You just can't. No heart. No accountability. Just a bunch of underachieving jackasses right now who think they already have a ring on their finger because everyone predicted them to make it out of the East over the summer. 

So where do we go from here? How do we fix this? Because the good news is that it's not too late. But it's not just going to be a trade that gets this team to quit being so fucking soft. It's not going to be just firing Brett Brown that gets this team to stop taking nights off. Both of those things need to happen but it's still going to take more. 

Which is why we, the fans, need to take this into our own hands and we need to start bullying the shit out of the Sixers. No more defending this team when other fanbases start to shit on the Sixers (i.e. mostly Celtics fans). At this point, we need to shit on this team more than everybody else combined. We need to be merciless. We need to be relentless. We need to completely break this team down just so we can build them back up. 

I know that as a society we've been trying to get rid of bullying for quite some time now but the numbers speak for themselves. Bullying is just super effective for short term results. If you want someone to change and you need them to change as quickly as possible, bullying is the best method to get it done. So everybody needs to stop coddling this team. Everybody needs to stop protecting them like they're precious little babies. Throw these fuckers to the wolves. Make their life miserable when they play at home so that they finally feel relieved when they get to play on the road. Boo them at practice. Boo them on the streets. Until they start to show an ounce of heart, this team can eat a bag of dicks. 

This team is a disaster and the only thing that can save them now is just some good old fashioned bullying (and also firing Brett Brown). Live look at Friday night at the Wells Fargo Center.