Leave Iowa Alone! They're Getting Better At Elections All The Time

That was a live look at how Iowa conducts their elections. Look, I don't understand the Iowa caucus. Nobody does, including apparently people in Iowa. I don't like all these people bad-mouthing my neighbors though. Saying that they're stupid hayseeds. Saying that they don't deserve to have the first Presidential "election" because they can't figure out who won their own elections and had to do a coin toss, again. Well, I will have you know that Iowa is getting better at elections every single time. I mean look at that. One kid from the Loras College Democrats Club with all the power in his hands and people seemed to honor the results of the coin and it's flipper even though he should've let it hit the ground. Take a look at how far Iowa has come in just four years. This is what their coin tosses looked like last time with Hilary Clinton's people involved

So yeah, I would say that things have improved in Iowa since Hillary won every single coin toss. She won 6 coin tosses by sheer luck and took all of the delegates. 

Hillary Clinton won all 6 coin tosses and statistically there is a 1.56% chance of that happening. And did. This time around Mayor Pete won some. Amy Klobuchar won. Bernie won against Biden. Biden won against Warren. The results were more as you would expect from a game of chance. That to me is a major improvement. I am happy for my neighbors that they finally found some good and fair coins. I am sure by 2024 they might actually have voting machines that lets everyone vote and not just those people who can stay up all night shuffling around in a high school gym.