Derek Jeter Held A Q&A Yesterday On Twitter


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) Derek Jeter promised an unfiltered look into the lives of athletes in launching The Players’ Tribune, his new website free of pesky media types. And then he came through in the clutch.

So Jeter opened up his site yesterday and this morning announced the first athlete tied to it was Russell Wilson, which isn’t exactly a bad place to start. However, before letting us all know about Wilson Jeter was able to sit down for a half hour and do a Q&A on Twitter where he opened up more than he had in the last 20 years. Here are some of the best answers in my opinion:

I posed the question last week on Twitter about what it would take to get Jeter back on SNL. He hosted a million years ago in the height of his career and did a great job, so why not do it again? In the last few months we have seen a lot more of Jeter’s personality in interviews, so why not give it another go.

Would have bet my wedding budget that this was going to be “Perfect 10 Model Ass” but I guess Derek is still warming up to being totally open and honest with us.

This is good to know but really what I want to know is, what does Philip order? I’m not talking “Derek on his way to the ballpark”, I’m talking sexual deviant Philip who just brought 2 girls of questionable age home from 1OAK. That should have been the real question here.

Thank god he waited until retirement to hold this Q&A. You can’t be Derek Jeter and admit something like this without people jumping all over it during his playing days. Maybe say you don’t like cats, but once you say “scared” you end up with these guys behind home plate for every road game.


Or even worse…


PS: First time Jeter touched a computer in 20 years?