Drinking Chocolate Syrup Straight Out The Bottle In Public Is The Textbook Definition Of A Power Move

There goes Kent Calfee, slugging straight out the Hershey's bottle, AS HE OFTEN DOES. What will he think of next? Nothing better to cleanse the palette after some peanut butter cracker sandwiches than with a fresh bottle of Hershey's. I'm giving Kent the benefit of the doubt that those are peanut butter and not cheese cracker sandwiches in his non-syrup hand because he appears to be a man of class and high taste and wouldn't be caught dead with an inferior product. 

Kent Calfee has been an elected official since 2013. For seven years he's held a position of power in Tennessee and he's been showing up to meetings and sucking down straight chocolate syrup right in everyone's eyeballs all the while. They don't make power moves much more powerful than this. If he wanted to rename Nashville to "Chocolate City" I genuinely don't know who could stop him. If he wants to filibuster something he can just tilt that spout back and chug a lug bottle after bottle until time has expired. When you drink chocolate syrup IN PUBLIC and not just at your ajar refrigerator at 2:17 in the morning you hold the type of mental fortitude that other, weaker mortals can't even fathom.