This Mail Man Just Tossing Packages Into A Ravine Is All Of Us Today


There it is.  The perfect video metaphor for the Monday after 4th of July weekend.  A day which KFC has dubbed the worst day of the year and he’s not wrong.  That’s you, me and every other American (and our site’s servers apparently) at whatever job you have today.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a mail man or a blogger or a cube monkey.  Today is awful.  Zero fucks given by all.  Just pulling up in the middle of nowhere and tossing people’s valuable packages into a ravine because it’s that kind of day.

We’ve seen videos like this before where postal workers are less than careful with packages.  But in all the other videos the driver at least had the decency to make it to the person’s house.  Not this guy.  Nope.  He took it to the next level, stopped on the side of the road and let ‘em fly.  Love it.

PS- As you all know the site has been down all morning.  Not even sure if you can see this blog.  Worst Monday ever.