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Dude Visits Disneyland For 1,000 Days In A Row

ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) — “It’s amazing that I hit such a milestone, I had no idea when I first started that I’d ever rack up this kind of number,” said Jeff. That number: 1000. For 1,000 consecutive days Jeff has walked through the turnstile into Disneyland.  It all began on New Year’s Eve 2011. He’s got the parking receipt to prove it, and one for every day since.  The Huntington Beach resident says it started when he was unemployed and a friend gifted him a season pass. “Come here walk around, listen to the music, and you know, and everybody having a good time, and it kind of recharges you,” he said.  Jeff is now a full-time employee at the VA Hospital in Long Beach. But that doesn’t stop him from coming to the park every day. Some days, he gets on rides. Others, he just talks to cast members or takes photos. He’s certainly the envy of some of Disneyland’s younger visitors.  “It’s really cool,” said Jackson Quist of Salt Lake City, Utah.  Jeff says he’s not tired. In fact, he says he always finds something different at the park to appreciate.  “Everybody chooses to do what they enjoy and have fun in, and this is something that I really enjoy doing,” he said. 

Its 2014, right? Its basically The Future. So my question is do we have Pre-crime yet? Has that Precog, Minority Report shit been invented yet? If we havent done that yet, this dude right here needs to be the first candidate. Any grown man who can go to Disneyland 1,000 days in a row needs to be locked away. Because there’s absolutely no telling what he’s capable of. Aside from the fact that you know every single day from like 2pm to 4pm he’ll be at fucking Disneyland, you can’t predict a single thing that man will do. He’s a complete and utter wild card. Scariest part of all is you can’t reason with a man who goes to Disneyland 1000 days in a row. No rational logic applies when you’re dealing with a person that warped.

So yea, right now its all fun and games. He likes walking around and listening to the music and seeing people happy. But its better to lock this guy away now before he inevitably goes off the deep end and all that happy, Disneyland-1000-days-in-a-row behavior turns into evil. Preventative measure for the safety of everyone out there.