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Red Sox Truck Day Was an Electric Factory

So ends another NFL season. But with perfect timing along comes the greatest day on the calendar to fill that hole in your heart.

First of all, I want to congratulate the people of Boston, city officials and of course all our first responders for the way today's 2020 Red Sox Truck Day went off without any deaths or serious injuries. That level of crowd control can be real problematic when you're dealing with multitudes all gathering in one area. I mean, look at this throng:

That's exactly the type of mob you can expect from the way Truck Day is covered around here. John Henry's newspaper always touts this as one of the great social events on our calendar. Hell, his team has actually figured out how to montize it with sponsorships. I actually once had the honor and privilege of shooting video at it for WEEI. 

And I can tell you first hand, it's hard to keep ordinary citizens from turning into a riotous mob when you're presenting them with the nitro-powered, high-octane adrenaline rush of watching cardboard boxes of sunflower seeds, bubble gum, sign stealing equipment and personal items being loaded onto a tractor trailer by an indifferent Teamster while Wally and Tessie pose for pictures and an old guy recites a poem. Myself and the two dozen elderly women who live with 3.5 cats per average who come to this thing can attest to that personally. It's Boston's Puxatawney Phil, that civic and cultural event that appeals to local news crews desperate for something to talk about and lonely shut ins alike.

And this is a good reminder of something else John Henry's newspaper has been saying for years. That time-honored Sox traditions like Truck Day are an integral part of the fabric of this great city and America's Most Beloved Ballpark, while people are losing interest in the that team that plays football out beyond 128. 

Who are you going to believe, the Globe staff, who have their thumbs firmly on the zeitgeist of this city, or this small collection of nobodies with waning interest in pro football from just over a year ago?

The Red Sox may not have a manager. Or pretty soon one of the best players in baseball. But they've got the entire city turnt out for the action-packed drama of Truck Day. And that alone has the 2020 season off to an amazing start.