Belichick is the Paparazzi Defensive Coordinator in the League

Get a load of these amateurs. The paps, autograph seekers, question shouters, celebrity journos and assorted bottom feeders thinking they can break him. That they can get him to slip up and say something about Brady coming back. Fat chance. He dominates Super Bowl Media Day and press conferences with hundreds in attendance who's very careers depend on getting him to utter mere syllables. He leaves particles of guys like these in his wind. 

Besides, he doesn't have to engage them. Between the scintillating Linda Holliday - who has more sex appeal in a flip of her hair than the combined of J Lo's and Shakira's magnificent asses - just holding off these clowns with the power of her radiance. And the Matt Patricia coming in to finish them off with brute force. It's like he studied film on this Miami crew and devised the exact coverage he needed to stop them. This is an example of Spill technique: Linda plugs the gap, forces these parasites to the outside, then Patricia pursues and hammers them into oblivion. He gets credit for the tackle in the box score, but she definitely will get a +1 on the self-scouting report once Belichick looks at the film. 

And for Patricia, it's obvious he's in the ranks of former assistants who appreciate he owes his life to his former Jedi Master and will remain loyal forever. The only question left is how many more seasons he keeps banging his head against the concrete in Detroit before he comes back as Bill's defensive coordinator.