Pray For Soccer WAGs Everywhere: Albanian Model Says Life As A WAG Is Tough Because Players Prefer Jerking Off Before Games Instead Of Having Sex

[Source] - Dzemaili divorced Sulejmani, 32, in 2018 after she famously stated that her husband is bad in bed, causing the 33-year-old to be ridiculed by his team-mates.

She declared: "Sex before matches? Footballers are not great lovers. They prefer to do it themselves."

Talk about your all time struggle. Here you are as former Miss Albania, a former wife of a soccer player. You want to get your man ready for his game, relax him a bit and he hits you with a 'uhh, I did it myself.' How do you go about your day after that? No one has it tougher than a WAG. Just take a look, that's why you clicked


Tough life. I'm actually team soccer players here. You gotta worry about your own self when you're getting ready for a game. You're going to get into a fight with your wife who wants the pipe, so be it. It's about getting wins - or sometimes ties. 

Just know when life is hard for you and your boss is yelling at you or you fail a test, just count your lucky chickens you're not a soccer WAG. Life is tough for them.