After Several Years & 1,000+ Miles, A Can Of Beer Reunited A Woman With Her Lost Dog

Kölsch-style beer has its origin in Cologne, Germany but has since found its way to breweries far, faaaar from home. The same could be said for a terrier-mix named Hazel who got off her leash one day in Iowa and also wound up in a brewery far, faaaar from home... on a can of Kölsch no less.

Thankfully this story has an ending even more refreshing than a craft beer after a long day. It's like a boozy homeward bound where the journey was slightly more online than over the Sierra Nevadas... 

From ABC News

When Monica Mathis’s dog vanished from her front yard she tried everything to find her, without success.

In the end it took three years and the surprising intervention of a beer can to reunite her with her four-legged friend.

"She was on a leash outside and I went to get her and she was gone from our yard," Mathis told ABC News' affiliate KSTP TV of her pet’s disappearance.

After her terrier mix, Hazel, disappeared, Mathis moved from her Iowa home to Minnesota, and years passed, until she spotted a Florida brewery’s promotion which featured her dog’s picture.

The Motorworks Brewing company of Bradenton, Florida, launched a promotion in Jan. 2020 featuring four-packs decorated with pictures of dogs in local shelters in a bid to raise funds and spur adoptions. Each can featured a picture of a local shelter dog, some information about them and about the plans for expanding the shelter.

Spotting the promotion on social media, one of the animals looked familiar to Mathis.

"'Oh my gosh that looks like my dog, I think that's my dog,'" Mathis told KSTP of her reaction. "I have no idea how she got to Florida."


Mathis reached out to the shelter right away & luckily still had all the old documents to claim Hazel (aka Day Day). 

Pretty crazy that they're nearly 1,800 miles apart but a beer brought them back together. I'm interested to know how the pup made it all the way to Florida & how soon this duo will be reunited. 

Shout out to the brewery for doing something cool to help these dogs find homes, old or new.