Okay But We Can All Just Admit It's Stupid As Heck For Kansas City To Be Located In Missouri, Right?

By now I'm sure that everybody saw Donald Trump mistakenly congratulate the state of Kansas for their Super Bowl victory last night. And laughing at the expense of somebody else is always an enjoyable time so I completely understand why everyone had such a good time with it. But at what point are we finally going to say that enough is enough? How have we continued to allow the state of Missouri to get away with this nonsense? 

Honestly all we have to do is just mess around with the borders a little bit and this entire issue is resolved. There's already Kansas City in Kansas so just get someone to move the border over a little bit and put the whole damn thing in Kansas. I feel like the only reason they haven't done that already is just because the people of Kansas City, Missouri love making people look like fucking idiots. They get off on the fact that most people just assume the city is in Kansas and then they can feel so frickin' smart when they correct them with, "well actually, Kansas City is in Missouri blah blah blah". Like those dickheads who love bringing up the fact that Greenland is mostly ice and that Iceland is very green. 

I don't know. It just seems like whoever named the city "Kansas City" in the first place did it as a prank and now we're all left paying the price for it. Someone a couple hundred years just thought they were soooooo fucking funny and now he's making us all look like a bunch of goddamn fools about it. But not anymore. It's time we do something about it. Not me personally because that would take too much time and effort. But maybe if someone else wants to get a petition going or something.