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Smoke Canadian Reporter Who Was Dating A Junior Hockey Player Is Arrested For Threatening To Kill Him After Finding Out He Sleeps Around

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(Source) A Canadian reporter has been arrested in Washington state for allegedly threatening to kill her boyfriend, a local hockey player, for cheating on her. Tieja MacLaughlin, 25, from British Columbia, is accused of driving down Kennewick over the weekend with plans to murder 19-year-old Jackson Playfiar, a recently traded Tri-City Americans forward. MacLaughlin was charged Tuesday with felony threats and ordered to have no contact with her boyfriend. She is being held without bail. According to court documents, MacLaughlin called Playfair, who is six years her junior, and told him that she was on her way to Kennewick some 500 miles away from her hometown. During the call, the jealous 25-year-old journalist also allegedly told Playfair that ‘he would be dead by the end of the night.’


Jackson Playfair needs to man up a bit here. Your girlfriend told you she’s going to kill you? That’s it? All your girlfriend said was, “You’re going to be dead by the end of the day,” and you thought that was worthy of police involvement? C’mon dude, I know you’re 19 but you better get used to that shit. Random women on the street tell me that they’re going to murder me. It’s just what chicks do. Guys go on riverboat gambling trips, make their own beef jerky and shit with the door open. Chicks threaten homicide. It’s just how the sexes wired. You know, men are from Mars, women are from Venus and all that. Bottom line is if one little death threat is going to scare you away, you might want to take a step back from liking chicks. Because you’re in for a lifetime of them. Didn’t answer a call? She’ll kill you. Forgot to respond to a text? She’ll kill you. Look at another girl’s ass? She will fucking kill you. Just cross your fingers and hope she doesn’t have the balls to go through with it. After a year, it won’t even phase you anymore.