Colby Covington Challenges 50 Cent To A Celebrity Boxing Match (Where His Arm Is Tied Behind His Back)

After Colby Covington's bruuuutal TKO loss to UFC Welterweight Champion Kamaru Usman back in December, which left him battered, bloodied, and running away from the humility it brought on him...


Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson took to Instagram for a couple celebratory laughs and memes, just as most of us did...

…and now Colby's all triggered again. 

On Ariel Helwani's MMA Show earlier today, Colby challenged 50 Cent to a celebrity boxing match, said he'd go as far as tying one arm behind his back for the match, and claimed 50 Cent was a pussy who couldn't survive a single "bullet" from Colby or something. He's incredibly upset (on the verge of tears) about the meme, still, and even got so angry over it that he sounded like he went off script for a bit! 

It's always hysterical when Covington does that, because he's somehow still so flustered when he tries to come up with unique or clever things to say in the moment that he always retorts to "Well I'm getting chicks all the time unlike the virgins and nerds!"

Nice one.

It's probably his nervousness coming through or something. You could tell he's an anxious dude. Hopefully that gets better for him.

My take on the whole thing, though? Maybe pick up a win or two and then challenge 50. 

Curtis Jackson ain't fighting some schmuck coming off a loss.