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KFC Radio: Ladies Night

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It’s Ladies Night at KFC Radio. Following last week’s legendary voicemail about girls’ numbers, the Stoolie Chicks answered the call and made this episode one to remember. We talk about a chick who went through a slutty phase for 7 YEARS, the genuinely crazy shit Feitelberg’s girlfriends have put him through, twitter groupies, dating a chick who banged your brother, and life in the Doghouse.

Pretty pleasant from all my female Stoolies out there. Great job out of you girls. Got a nice break from all the questions about pooping that we usually talk about. So keep the voicemails coming. The best thing about KFC Radio is its three guys giving you completely unfiltered, honest opinions, which I promise you is something that most of you chicks could benefit from.

Maybe next week we can mix it all together. Right now we’re like a middle school dance – boys on one side girls on the other. Next week we’re all gonna be grinding to Too Close by Next. Guys, girls, all of you call the voicemail line for next week. 646-807-8665.