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The Top 10 Best Commercials of Super Bowl 54

Besides the game itself, the commercials are the most anticipated part of the Super Bowl. I personally think they've been underwhelming the past 5 years, but to each its own. Hell, most of the shorts we released in Miami were better than half of the commercials last night! Just in case you were watching the game at a bar and couldn't hear shit, here are the Top 10 Best Commercials Super Bowl 54. 

10. "Smaht Pahk" by Hyundai 

This was solid. How do you not love Chris Evans? Along with John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch, the Boston natives were a great mix to show off their accents. Big Papi's appearance was pretty awesome too.

9. "Show Up" by Coca Cola

This was one of my personal favorites, but you may have brushed it off. I liked the combo of Jonah Hill and Martin Scorsese texting back in forth to build up the ambition of what Jonah will reply. As someone who glues his eyes to the phone when seeing a girl from tinder hit me with the white bubbles, I can say I was on the edge of my seat throughout this commercial. Good for Jonah to pull through! Can't say the ladies hit me with the same response.

8. "Groundhog Day" by Jeep 

Here's a classic! I only understood this commercial because I watched Groundhog Day right after Coach Pagano went on a crazy ass rant about the movie and hurricanes. As a Colts fan, this commercial gave me some PTSD. But it also put a smile to my face. Bill Murray in Space Jam will forever be one of my favorites. 

7. "Baby Nut" by Planters

That's what the ladies call me, baby nut! It seems like fictional baby characters are the new wave. You might remember Planters dropping a commercial of Mr. Peanut basically dropping to his death. But thanks to the Kool-Aid Man's tears, Mr. Peanut resurrected! Joy to the world! Whatever weed the directors were smoking, send that over here to NY.  

6. "Zero Sugar" by Mountain Dew

I have to be honest; I've never seen the Shining. I've only seen the part where Jack Nicholson smashes the door with an axe. So based off that, Brian Cranston was the perfect role for this! Brian will always be Hal from Malcom in the Middle to me. 

5. "Before Alexa" by Amazon

Amazon crushed this! The jokes were great, and every scene reminded me of something Geico would make. Bars. My favorite scene was the Oval Office. "I ain't deletin". 

4. "The Cool Ranch Long Form" by Doritos 

This was just legendary. The greatest one hit wonder of our generation Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott (plus his mustache) were the collaboration we never knew we needed. Can't forget about Bill Ray Cyrus at the end either.

3. "Famous Visitors" by Walmart

I haven't seen a crossover like this since the last Avengers movie! Frank the Pug and the worms (that look like me) from Men In Black, Bill and Ted, Buzz Lightyear, Legos, Flash Gordon, R2D2, and C3PO! The nostalgia was running through my veins when I watched this.

2. "Next 100" by NFL

Without a doubt, this was the COOLEST Super Bowl commercial. The amount of current and former NFL players featured, the old school music, and the chills from the Pat Tillman scene made it all phenomenal. Just imagine being the kid meeting all of these players! He was definitely the most popular guy in school today.

(Bonus) 1.5 "I'm Not Going Anywhere" by Hulu

Yeah, yeah. This one is for the Pats fans. I have to admit, this was a pretty smooth commercial from Tom Brady. How insane would it be if Tom Brady retired during the Super Bowl? That would've definitely topped Andrew Luck retiring in the 4th quarter of the last preseason game of the year. 

1. "Momoa At Home" by Rocket Mortgage 

This was hands down my favorite commercial. Known for being Aqua Man and Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa did a great job of (in the words of KFC) "turning into Mush and then me". He's not wrong though. The only unrealistic thing was John being able to lift the barbell. I would've been a squashed bug if I attempted that.