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Former President of Trader Joe's Is Opening A Store That Only Sells Expired Food In Dorchester



DM – Many consumers throw out ‘expired’ food without a second thought, but one man hopes to change that attitude with a store that will exclusively sell food that has passed its sell-by date. In May, former president of Trader Joe’s Doug Rauch is launching The Daily Table, a grocery store and restaurant in Dorchester, Massachusetts, that will offer nutritious, inexpensive and perfectly edible food deemed ‘unsellable’ by conventional stores because of its date label. His hope is that the store will provide healthy meals to the working poor in America, who would otherwise opt for junk food because it’s all they can afford. Of course Mr Rauch has several obstacles to overcome, one of which is getting consumers to believe that expired food is perfectly edible, even while it may look different or damaged.

You know who is going to shop at this place? My fucking wife that’s who. She’s the Queen of trying to get me to eat expired shit. She’s exactly like this dude saying expiration dates don’t mean anything. Always trying to slip old cheese by me and shit. It’s one of my absolute pet peeves in life. I will not eat or drink anything that is 1 second past expiration date. I won’t do it. I don’t even like freezing stuff. Fresh to death. That’s how I roll. Hell I don’t care if Supermarkets start putting 1 hour expiration dates on food. I’d still follow the rules. Bottomline is eating shit that has gone past their expiration dates is pure poor people shit. Once you start down that path you might as well just go join Occupy Boston and eat out of trash cans.  So if  I was a poor person I’d be insulted as shit by this store. I’ll stick with McDonalds rather than your day old fruit thank you very much.  I ain’t dead yet.

PS – Speaking of Trader Joes that’s another place the First Lady loves that I don’t trust. So it doesn’t surprise me the guy who is opening this expired food store is this from there.  It all makes sense now.