Is Gardner Minshew A Potential Blake? #EmbraceDebate

Today's Pardon My Take was action-packed. Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter gave an in-depth review of Super Bowl 54, Who's Back, and a lot more. The duo secured tons of interviews down in Miami over the last week, and today's guest was one of them, while a recurring one, too. Jaguars QB Gardner Minshew joined the show to talk his RV trips, reflecting on his rookie season in the NFL, and his personality. In fact, the way Minshew goes about things reminded Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter of a certain small fraternity of Pardon My Take guests. Let them explain:

Mr. Cat: Has there been a moment since the whole "Minshew Mania" and everything has been going crazy, where like a guy who put a mural of you wrestling a tiger on the hood of his car, like all of these things, have you had a moment? Are you like, holy shit, what's going on here?

Gardner Minshew: I don't know, man. It's all pretty cool. It's something I've said I've wanted to do my whole life. So now, it's just been living it out and it's just been surreal. 

Mr. Cat: You're dangerously close to being a Blake, like we might put you in Blake of the Year nominee.

Gardner Minshew: Honestly, I wasn't gonna bring it up, but that's what I was kind of hoping for. 

Mr. Cat: Well, then now you're not. Because you tried. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, you give off Blake energy but you also give off a fire that Blake's sometimes don't have. 

Gardner Minshew: Dammit. 

Mr. Commenter: Here's the thing. If you were a true Blake, you wouldn't be upset that we are not making you a Blake. You'd be like, "Yeah, whatever."

Mr. Cat: Well, if you were a true Blake, we would have been like "Blake of the Year" and you would have said, "What are you talking about? What is that?" We would have explained it and you would have been like, "Oh, that's kind of cool."

Gardner Minshew: Alright, let's go back to the top. 

Mr. Cat: You're close, you're close!

Mr. Commenter: For my last question, I'm just gonna give you an opportunity to sell sell us on you being a Blake.

Gardner Minshew: I mean, I really, like, I could care less. It's not a big deal to me. I don't understand the award. But if y'all want to do that, fine. 

Mr. Commenter: I'll tell you what, we'll think about it. You're close. Your answer about the Minshew Mania was the first time I was like, "Wait." Like, a guy made a mural of him wrestling a tiger and put it on his car, and you're like, "Yeah, I guess that's cool." 

Gardner Minshew: Yeah, your Blake-dar was going off.

So close, Gardner! All you had to do was play dumb for about 30 more seconds and Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter would have given you the formal invitation to join the club. But you certainly made progress. Next time, perhaps? We shall see.

Is Gardner Minshew a Blake? Let's hear your thoughts.