Drunk Kansas City Fan Dominates Local Reporter Who Had No Answer For The Drunkest Hug On The Internet

My guy here made a big mistake. You gotta lean into the crazy. You cant lean away. You've got to make that a moment on your blooper highlight reel. No one in the industry expects the fans in Kansas City to be calm, collected, or sober after the Super Bowl. You expect a large man that is full of beer and pride to hug everything in sight. That's just what the fan did. He did his damn job. Instead of rolling with it, the reporter on the scene expected to be unbothered by the very scene he was sent to cover. 

You arent Dan Rather reporting live at the Super Bowl. You are a guy sent to look for the guy who was hugging you to the point of tears. Interview him. Use the bleep effect if he drops a couple of fuck bombs on the live broadcast. Fuck bombs put asses in the seats and clicks on your website. Maintaining perfect hair and a clean reporter's pocket does nothing for you. Just a tip. Ultimately, you gotta be the newsman that you are. But when the local team wins the Super Bowl for the first time in ages, you gotta take a play from the no spin zone and fuck it... do it live. Roll with the punches and the hugs. That's what I always say.