In Honor Of Their 34th Birthday, What Is The Best Pixar Movie?

Pixar has been a MASSIVE part of both my childhood AND yours. Presuming you fit into our 18-35 year old demo, that is. For me, Pixar was way bigger growing up than any of the Disney animated movies. Were movies like 'The Lion King', 'Mulan' and 'Hercules' all pure flames? Yes, of course you fool! That said, they still didn't hold a candle to movies like 'Toy Story', 'Monsters Inc' and 'Finding Nemo' for me. Not to even mention 'The Incredibles', which is still the only movie I own on DVD I own for some reason. Besides always being visually amazing and featuring great music, the storylines were always really thoughtful and well thought out. Which is kind of crazy considering 'A Bug's Life', 'Monsters Inc', 'Finding Nemo' and 'Wall-E' were all thought about and sketched out on napkins during a single 1994 lunch between the studio employees. That's 2.4 BILLION DOLLARS worth of movies scribbled down on Panera Bread napkins. Anyway, this got me thinking what the best Pixar movies ever are, and I want to see what you guys would pick. Vote below, and if the build-in form doesn't work, CLICK HERE. My personal ranking would be:

5. Inside Out

4. Coco

3. Finding Nemo

2. Toy Story


1. The Incredibles