More From The KFC Radio Chick Who Called In About How Many Guys A Girl Can Sleep With

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from: i put out
reply-to: i put out
to: “”
date: Tue, Sep 23, 2014 at 11:02 AM
subject: I’m glad you enjoyed my VM

hi kfc,

it’s the slutty girl who called asking about guys and their opinions on girls numbers. i had to make this fake email so you wouldn’t look me up on fb and throw my info to the dogs (commenters). i finally listened to kfc radio in its entirety last night and i must say–even though you guys ripped me a new one (especially big cat), my elation at hearing my voice on KFC radio made it well worth it! i’m glad i was able to provide fodder for the “best moment in KFC radio history” (definitely not true, the moments when you, big cat and feits passionately argue are the best). i’m a huge fan of KFC radio and mailtime so keep up the good work!

ps-i’m not actually that slutty, i’ve only slept with 21 dudes (i swear)
pps-i was sad about big cat being mean but then i watched the video and saw that he has actually become jabba the hut and i felt better about myself
ppps-the one of you i would bang is feits

This chick is somethin special. She really, really is. Its weird enough to call into our deranged show as a female. I know there’s actually a lot of chicks who secretly listen and like it, but to be open and proud about it, let alone call in, is just something very rare. But to double down, make a email address, with your name as “I Put Out,” and send this email after the beating she took is something different all together. I don’t even know how to describe this girl. The mere fact that she even used a email address goes to show what kind of wild card we’re dealing with. I can’t figure her out.


All I know is I gotta respect it. She got mollywhopped by the three of us and just wanted to follow up and tell us how much she loved the show. She’s taking pot shots at Big Cat and wants to fuck Feits. She’s just banging dudes and listening to KFC Radio and loving life. I can’t hate on that. I really can’t. You just keep on livin, I Put Out. L-I-V-I-N.

PS – I’m still not cool with 21 dudes. Unless you’re like 30 and you never had a boyfriend. In which case thats probably a red flag too. But I wouldn’t walk around telling people you can almost field an entire 11 vs 11 football scrimmage with dudes who’ve been inside you and expect people to be like “Oh ok that girl isn’t a slut.” Like we said over and over, ignorance is bliss. Dont ask dont tell.