Here's A Story About The Greatest Beer League Hockey Team That Never Was

This right here? This is why beer league hockey is the best hockey. 

Think about why guys play college hockey. It's either to get to the NHL or it's for the girls, of course. But once you get to the beer leagues, everybody knows there's not a chance in hell they're even making it to the NHL so they're all just playing for the love of the game. And then mostly everyone is either married or divorced out there, so they're clearly not playing for the girls either. Instead, you play beer league hockey ferda boys. 

It's all about just getting the fellas together and having yourselves a night. Doesn't matter if you had 7 turnovers that immediately turned into 6 goals against. Doesn't matter if every tape-to-tape breakout pass you snapped off ended up being 15 feet behind your teammate. And if you're the Phantoms, it doesn't matter if you even play hockey at all. This is as much of a team as any other squad out there, but I'm sure it's just a little easier to tell the old lady back home that you're out saucing around on the ice for a few hours instead of closing down the bar on a Tuesday night. I just hope they still get new uniforms every season. Nothing better than a fresh new sweater. 

P.S. - There's nothing more beer league than having to play against the same 5 teams about 80 different times over the course of 3 seasons.