After 17 Years, I Finally Lived My Life-Long Dream And Visited Casa Bonita

For those who aren't in the know, Casa Bonita is a Mexican restaurant in the Denver suburbs, most known from an episode of South Park that came out on November 12, 2003. It is one of the best South Park episodes of all time, and I rank it my 2nd favorite episode behind only Scott Tenorman Must Die. 

And ever since I learned Casa Bonita is a real place that exists, complete with Black Bart's Cave,


Mariachi bands

And cliff divers

I've wanted to go and see it for myself. 

And then finally, after 17 years, this last weekend I ventured to Colorado. More on that later, as I have some thoughts on Colorado. But it's true, folks. After 17 happened. I went. For real.

There it was, looking identical to how it looked on South Park

And then I walked up to the door, my entire world about to change forever, anddddddddd


Unbelievable. All the hype. All the anticipation. And they let their workers go home early for the Super Bowl. I'd never been more sad in my life. Took me 31 years to get to Colorado and then the thing I was most looking forward to was closed. Devastating.

Lots of people are saying I dodged a bullet. And I mean LOTS. Pretty much anyone who has ever been to Casa Bonita said I would be shitting my pants for the next week had it been open. 


I was ok with that. I've eaten much worse, for sure. I'd been saving my appetite for 17 years to eat at Casa Bonita. To see the cliff divers. To take this exact picture and post it on Instagram

And it was all closed. All of it. 

So I guess….I guess I'll try again in 31 more years. See you in 2051.