Cody’s Comeback - Former Marine Needs Help With Medical Bills


GoFundMe – On January 18, 2020, former Marine sergeant Cody Howard was involved in a tragic snow mobile accident in Canada. Cody suffered a level 4 aortic dissection. His survival of this injury and the following nine hour surgery was the first of many miracles for Cody. The accident happened in a remote area of Canada so there was a 4 hour delay in getting Cody to the hospital for surgery. This delay resulted in blood flow loss to his kidneys, bowels, and legs. And while we are grateful that he has awoken with sound mind, (another miracle), his lower extremities and organs have yet to recover. At this time Cody is still on dialysis as his kidneys have not recovered, and he suffers paralysis in his legs.

In addition to his physical challenges, Cody is covered by the Veterans Administration’s health insurance which has denied all medical coverage for Cody since the accident did not happen in the US. One can only imagine the cost for heart surgery and intensive care for a week, plus his continued ongoing care in the trauma unit.

Cody is married and sole supporter of his wife Chante, and their 11 month old son River. Cody is a contractor and for the foreseeable future is unable to return to work . We believe more miracles are on the way for Cody, and along with his will, strength, and determination, Cody will walk again one day…. though the road is long.

The family is so very grateful for the staff at Ottawa Civic Hospital who saved his life, and also for all of the prayers sent Cody’s way.

Thank you very much for any donation large or small.

ALL donations are being sent directly to Chante Fox, his wife, on behalf of Cody.

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So it’s always hard to pick what charities or fundraising efforts to mention, but this was through a friend of mine. A tragic accident to a former marine who currently needs help paying for medical bills. Obviously any donation from little to big helps. Yet another reminder that life can always change in an instant.