Travis Kelce's Super Bowl Parade And Speech Is Going To Be Next Level Mayhem

(Kelce Brotherly Love starts around 4:20)

Jason Kelce: “(Travis) is gonna have the best speech…next to mine.”

Travis Kelce:

Well isn’t Jason Kelce crashing his little bro’s post game presser with bear hugs and laughs the most adorable thing ever. This is actually a dynasty of a family that should be talked about a lot more. Both Jason and Travis are at the top of their respective positions in the league, and both are genuine good dudes and characters. Travis Kelce has led numerous charitable efforts in the past and 6th round pick Jason spent his first few millions on two things: Paying off his parents house in Cleveland…and sweatpants. Mama and Papa have gotta be proud. There’s certainly a ton of successful and entertaining chlorine dumped in that gene pool.

But onto Travis Kelce’s entire parade effort and victory speech. It’s going to be…something. Why? Jason Kelce is a madman. A reserved maniac, yes, but all reservations go directly out the drunken window while in celebration mode as seen from the Eagles Super Bowl run/parade/speech:

The only difference between Jason and the upcoming Travis mayhem is the younger Kelce is NOT reserved. He’s always been an open maniac. Pray for KC the next few days/years. In a good way.

PS – Never Forget.

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