Charles Barkley's Conspiracy Theory About Lettuce Is My New Favorite Conspiracy Theory

There is nothing less shocking than Charles Barkley ranting about kale being fake. You know, I believe him yo. There's plenty of reason to believe Chuck. Look at the man. He loves to eat. He knows if there's a difference between lettuce and kale. He's just absolutely disgusted about the word kale. And yoga? Don't even get him started on that. Just stretching in a hot room. No thank you, sir. 

I'm such a sucker for conspiracy theories too, especially in sports. I love hearing all of them. I think it's why I love the NBA Draft and the Draft lottery. Every year we run through the conspiracy theory of the frozen envelope of Patrick Ewing to David Kahn screaming the NBA is rigged to Mutombo tweeting 'congrats to the Sixers' hours before the lottery happened. Give me all the conspiracy theories. 

Just don't try to give Chuck any kale or charge him more for lettuce. Ain't having any of it.