Andy Reid Said He Is Going To Celebrate Winning The Super Bowl By Eating The Biggest Cheeseburger You've Ever Seen

We are used to hearing a lot of hyperbole after an event as massive as the Super Bowl. The word "Great" gets thrown around like a football when Patrick Mahomes is down in a playoff game and every single misstep along the way will get ripped apart by the Hot Take shows for the next week. 

But there is nooooo doubt in my mind Andy Reid is going to trade in his Chiefs polo for his Sunday Best Tommy Bahama shirt and take down the biggest collection of ground beef and cheese sandwiched between two buns the world has laid witness to after the biggest win of his life considering the damage we know he can do just during a big interview.

For all the shit he has gotten in the past for his time management and playoff losses, there is nobody in the world that deserves to get the Super Bowl monkey off their back and requisite ball washing following it more than Andy Reid. Have yourself a night and a burger with as many slices of cheese as you'd like Big Red!