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Quick Update On The Homeless Dude Who Says He Bangs Chicks - He's Very Much Homeless And A Complete Enigma

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I met homeless Joe last night in the LES and he couldn’t even talk he was so wasted. Drinking out of the 7-11 cup you saw on the video. He was with a group of bros that we’re filming him and laughing telling me “he’s actually homeless! Take a picture with him”. No shit he’s homeless, he smelled terrible and there weren’t any chicks in sight – not taking any pictures with you. I highly doubt this guy is sleeping at a different chicks apartment 3 days out of the week.

Anyway I took a couple pictures of him, while I was taking them he kept asking for my phone so he could take selfies with me.



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 1.18.27 PM

I was hit on this morning by what could have been a stranger, but thanks to watching barstool sports I now know who he is. I saw him walking next to me on 5th Ave and I started laughing realizing he is the homeless guy that sleeps around, his response was “so you saw the clip gorgeous”. He may actually use his fame to sleep with more women, unbelievable


Rebecca Anthony

Baffling. I can’t wrap my head around this. It appears Homeless Joe is very much homeless. Complete drug addict and alcoholic, smelling like shit on the streets at night. Yet there he is as the morning sun rises – in the same clothes – smiling for the camera taking selfies with smokes kicking game to the chicks. If it turns out this dude is truly, genuinely homeless – like he doesn’t have a residence at all – I’m prepared to call Homeless Joe the most fascinating person of all time. Like if that guy is having more sex than me I’m gonna lose my mind. He’s not even an attractive homeless dude. But I guess he just has game, and I cant hate on that. Tip my cap to you, you homeless motherfucker.

Open invite to come on the podcast too, Joe. Not sure if you’ll even see this. Seeing as how you’re homeless and what not. But if you do, officially invited to come on the show. Not in person, no way I’d ever let a homeless into my house. You’d probably try to rob me. But if you want to find a pay phone or some shit and call in, standing invitation.

PS – Rebecca Anthony…call me. I’ve got a job and a roof.