Nothing Like Grabbing A Quick Nap During The Super Bowl

I'll admit that younger me would have been offended at the mere sight of someone catching a quick catnap in seats that cost roughly as much as a couple of my mortgage payments. But as an old, washed dad that was thrilled he didn't have to go to Miami for work last week, I actually respect this silly son of a bitch. You know why? Because that is the look of someone who clearly tried to live the Miami life before it caught up to him. If you want to survive an entire week/weekend partying in South Beach, you need to take some Miami boosters. If you don't, you are going to hit a wall, no matter how white your pants are. So if you are going to pass out, you might as well just cross your legs, fold your hands, and open your mouth to catch some Z's because nothing, including the roar of thousands of people watching the biggest game of their lives, is going to wake you up.