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Mexicans Are Pissed At Miley Cyrus For Desecrating Their Flag With Her Fake Ass And Trying To Send Her To Jail


Daily MailMiley Cyrus is facing potential jail time for desecrating the Mexican flag, claims a new report. The 21-year-old performed a show in Monterey, Mexico, on Tuesday night where she engaged in her now standard twerking antics while wearing a comically large prosthetic bottom. Midway through her performance, Miley got down on her hands and knees as a male back up dancer whipped her rear with a Mexican flag. The incident took place during Mexican Independence Day and officials in the country are not taking kindly to the star’s disrespectful behaviour, according to TMZ. The state congress of Nuevo Leon are apparently wanting to prosecute, the crime of desecration carries serious consequences with a $1200 fine and up to 36 hours in jail time.  Meanwhile, Miley has continued to shock with her revealing costumes and rebellious antics on stage across the globe. The We Can’t Stop singer was also seen grinding against a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

You never really know what headlines you’re gonna get as a blogger. But this here is proof positive almost anything is possible on the internet. The story reads like a fucking Mad Libs. ___ are pissed at ____ for desecrating their flag with ___. Mexicans, Miley Cyrus, prosthetic ass.

I would pay top dollar to see Miley Cyrus thrown in jail for this shit. Like some sort of Locked Up Abroad story, Miley has to go to a Mexican prison because some backup dancer flossed in between her fake butt cheeks with their National Flag. I mean if you’re Miley and her dancers you gotta know this kinda shit is off limits. Any country would be upset but Mexicans do NOT fuck around with this stuff. You dont touch the mask of a luchador wrestler and you do not disrespect the Mexican flag. Doesn’t matter who you are.

PS – “The We Can’t Stop singer was also seen grinding against a man dressed as Abraham Lincoln.” made me laugh out loud.

PPS – Big Cat’s biggest regret of his entire blogging career has to be when he went through his Miley phase right?