Husky Couple Busts Their Asses On Some Slippery Steps: Regrettably, It Was Captured On A Door Cam

I take no pride in bringing this video to your attention. In addition, I take no pride in calling this couple husky. I searched and searched and searched for an adjective that would do this couple justice but I couldn't find anything that was both accurate and uplifting. Husky, to me at least, has an undertone of hilarity so that's what I went with. 

For example, there was a kid in my kindergarten class named Henry. Henry was portly. Let's just say that. Portly. After Christmas, Henry came to Mrs. Whitiker's class with a brand new pair of Lee Carpenter jeans on. You know, the ones with the little loop in the back so that you can easily carry your hammer without a tool belt. The jeans themselves are the tool belt. Incredible. 

Well, Henry forgot to remove the sticker on the back. 12 husky was plastered down his leg like an orange vest on a hunter. "Husky Henry" he was forevermore. Sad. Henry rolled with the punches and eventually became one of the funniest kids in school. Every joke was amplified by the fact that he was named Husky Henry. Hilarity with every breath, wheezing or not. 

THAT'S the reason why I called this couple husky because I think they are probably hilarious too. The purple hair and yoga pants while ripping heaters on a freshly built porch... that's a dead give away for a comedian. The balding fat head running barefoot in his meUndies with promocode Take was the video resume of someone destined to headline at Carolines on Broadway. What a beauty that guy is. 

They knew this video needed to be on the internet. It's not because of the cries for help or the surefire concussion that was gained when his grape bounced off the newly laid oak planks. It's because this moment needed to be documented. 

You can barely see it but you can imagine it. Her large ass is now completely damp but so is her shirt. She spilled her red solo cup down her chest and the cig probably burned her neck. She laid there. Hurting. Wet. Embarrassed. Her only knight?

This egg-shaped Humpty Dumpty Head Ass. 

Thank you, Husky Couple. We appreciate you on this fine football Sunday.