Helping Ellie: How To Get Red Wine Out Of Jeans

After I got done with my blog about the Vindog and his eggplant parmesan, I hopped back on twitter to talk about my weight loss. I've lost 20lbs so far this year and I am feeling like a spring chicken. After weeding through the compliments, I went back to my main timeline to see what other folks were getting into on this Big Game Sunday. 

That's when I saw Ellie's tweet. I was concerned for her and wanted her to see the right answer. Her following is huge and loyal so I knew that they would be flooding Ellie's mentions with advice both good and bad. What to do. What to do. I could type it out in a tweet but would she see it? Does she have me muted? Probably not. We are pretty good friends in the office and I enjoy talking to her. She's as lovely as the day is long and very polite. One time she did ask me if I knew what Netflix was but I think that's because she heard I was 40. I'm 37 so I dont think she would ask me that if she knew I was still in my 30s. 

Either way, young trendy 20 somethings spend lots on their jeans so I don't want hers to be ruined. I get my jeans from Costco so I would only be out about 20 dollars if that happened. Don't get me wrong, 20 bucks is 20 bucks. Hell, that'll get you a nice soup or a full ass meal if you subscribe to Shaun Latham's videos. 

So, Ellie, if you're reading, apply white vinegar directly onto the red wine stain, followed by a splash of liquid detergent. Let this mixture soak for a few minutes (anything over 15 is a waste), and then wash your jeans on hot in the washing machine. Dont dry them. Check the stain spot and repeat the steps if needed. It shouldn't be though unless you are dealing with a full-bodied red. If it's your normal pinot noir, you should be fine. 

Hope this helped. 

Yours truly, 

Uncle Chaps