How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Super Bowl Sunday is Here.

Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday. Two Teams. One Dream. It all comes down to this. After spending the week down in Miami, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter are back in New York City for the Big Game. And it wouldn't be a football Sunday without Mr. Commenter preparing the right way one last time.

Great strategy here. Especially in that South Florida weather, where you never know what you're going to get. It would be awesome to see Andy Reid lift the Lombardi Trophy 10 hours from now, and lifting Shady McCoy is certainly good practice for that.

Let's talk about #brands for a second here. I know Mahomes is a partner of Hunt's, but I must say that Heinz is best of the best when it comes to this popular condiment. No question about it.

It's always important to keep things clean and legal, folks. Especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Deebo Samuel is one win away from loads of money coming his way.

Facts. By this measure, literally every game is a win AND go home game. Unless you sleep at the stadium or training facilities like some of these #FootballGuys do during the season, there is no such thing as a win OR go home game.

C'mon, Phil. We want more. Ideally in San Diego SUPER Charger Powder Blue, but regardless, good luck wherever your next step may be.

Well, that's it. What a football season it has been. September is a long time from now, so enjoy this evening and all it has to offer.