Kentucky Lost - But It Really Shouldn't Even Count Considering A Fan Assaulted Ashton Hagans And Scared The Officials

I'm not one to make excuses here, but I said before the game even started this game was under protest. How was Kentucky supposed to play when Auburn fans assaulted Kentucky's starting point guard? 

Not only that but clearly the refs were scared by potential assault within the building. Don't believe me? Even a big J Journalist thought so. 

Calling for witness protection because they were so scared of Auburn fans threatening to put their hands on the refs. That's how this happens. 

20 more free throws despite shooting 23 threes! That's unheard of. Not only that but Auburn statistically fouls more than Kentucky. Hmm, gotta start to wonder if the fear of assault was on the mind of officials everywhere. Sure, Ashton Hagans was awful and fouled out. Sure, Nate Sestina can't play in this game. But, everything was thrown off. Even Jay Bilas (who went to Duke, not sure if you knew that) talked about how poor the officiating was. 

As I said, that game was under protest. I want nothing more than Calipari to go pull a Mike Brey, Bob Huggins, etc and get a fine for talking about how officiating is ruining the sport. Then beat Mississippi State, beat Tennessee and beat Auburn at home. Still in shape for a top-3 seed. Fuck outta here if you think I'm worried about a road loss due to assault.