Stephon Gilmore is Named DPOTY, Establishes Himself as the Best Free Agent Signing in Team History

I think I speak for every decent, hard-working, red blooded, God-fearin’ New Englander when I say I would much rather be furiously pleasuring myself to the thought of Stephon Gilmore shutting down Deebo Samuel tomorrow than playing Fauxball games and winning individual awards. But, strange as this seems, going to the Super Bowl every year is not our birthright.

The Patriots signed Gilmore three years ago. The first two seasons, they played for a title. This year, through no fault of his own, other events got in the way, and here we are. But none of this should obscure the fact that he had arguably the greatest season that any Pats defensive back ever had. And firmly established himself as the most successful free agent signing in franchise history.

Leading the number one defense in the league, Gilmore not only led the league in interceptions with six, he lead in passes defense with 20. And had an insane passing rating against of 44.1. Looking at those numbers it’s worth remembering that there was a lot of blowback by media Know it all’s against the signing. The conventional wisdom was that they should put that money toward resigning Malcolm butler. And that Gilmour was just a system corner back in Buffalo. Three years later, Gilmore has established himself as the best defense of player in the league. Butler has established himself as the thirds best cornerback on the Titans.

Again, this is not what we’re looking for. Individual awards are not how this Dynasty measures itself. But for right now, this is our reality. And we need to file this away for the next time when someone is saying GM Belichick doesn’t do any favors for coach Belichick. 

But congrats to Gilmore for being the best in the defensive business. Coming off a year when he won the Super Bowl with an interception, who would’ve guessed he could actually get better. And he’s got two years left on his deal. So yes, this is the best signing this team has ever had.