Lamar Jackson Became The Second Player In NFL History To Be Named Unanimous MVP

League leader in passing touchdowns.
NFL rushing record for a quarterback.
Joins Tom Brady as the only players in history to claim a unanimous MVP.

Everyone in the world knows the discourse around Lamar Jackson, the quarterback, to this point. His critics will still point to the fact that he hasn’t gotten it done in the postseason yet. They’ll do the similar to Mahomes should he lose tomorrow. Lamar may never win a Lombardi, few do, but that takes away exactly nothing from the season he just put out. He was must see television for 15 straight weeks and put up gaudy stats to match the eye test. And now he joins the greatest quarterback in history as the only other person to be voted MVP unanimously. Which is legitimately shocking considering how often voters like to make this about themselves and not the actual award. Not Rodgers, not Mahomes, not Peyton, no one else can say they got 100% of the vote except Brady. A hell of an accomplishment for a second year starting quarterback.

Some people can’t wait to see Lamar in the future because he may fail or get hurt, thus validating some take they’ve been latching onto for four years now. I don’t know, feels wasteful. Guy just put up a season like nothing we’d ever seen before, feels worthy of celebration and great anticipation to see what he can do next.