Gerard Depardieu Drinks 14 Bottles Of Wine Per Day


Uproxx – It’s a shame Gerard Depardieu has renounced his French citizenship, because in so many ways, he’s the perfect symbol for France, a mascot, like a French Uncle Sam. Last June he got drunk and fell off his scooter (probably cracking his baguette and smushing his satchel full of frogs in the process), and according to a recent interview, the 65-year-old says he drinks up to 14 bottles of wine a day. That kind of tolerance puts him up there with other titans of drinking like André the Giant, who was also from France. You guys? Maybe we should move to France. The 65-year-old said: “When I’m bored, I drink. Apart from compulsory moments of abstinence. After bypass surgery, and also because of cholesterol and stuff, I have to be careful. […] “But if ever I start drinking I can’t drink like a normal person. I can absorb 12, 13, 14 bottles per day. Discussing his operation, he explained: “I was asked to tell the doctor about my consumption. So I said, ‘here it goes’. “It starts at home with champagne or red wine, before 10am. Then again champagne. “Then pastis, maybe half a bottle. Then food, accompanied by two bottles of wine. In the afternoon, champagne, beer, and more pastis at around 5pm, to finish off the bottle. Later on vodka and/or whisky. “But I’m never totally drunk, just a little p****d. All you need is a 10-minute nap and voila, a slurp of rose wine and I feel as fresh as a daisy.” 

You know what the most shocking thing about this is? Not that Depardieu can physically handle 14 bottles of wine. That doesn’t surprise me one bit. He’s just as much of a savage as Andre the Giant or Wade Boggs or any of the other classic drinkers. He pisses on the floors of planes on a regular basis. The amount of booze doesnt faze me.

Whats really shocking is that Depardieu has the fucking time to drink 14 bottles a day. I mean check out his rundown – wake up at 10 and drink some champagne. Drink some liqueur. Another bottle of champagne. Lunch, 2 bottles of wine. More bubbly, beer and liqueur at 5. Happy hour through the rest of the night is vodka and whisky. Mix in some naps and some rose. Thats how Depardieu’s day goes. Sounds like goddam Louis the XIV. I guess dude is still cashing those “My Father, The Hero” checks. Spending that Depardieu Money. Wake up in the morning without a care in the world. Zero responsibility, no job, no expenses. And you just say to yourself “I’m gonna drink 14 bottles of wine today.” That, my friends, is a little something I like to call “living the dream.”