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Ho Hum Start To College Hoops Saturday With 2 Top-10 Teams Losing At Home

Little ho hum start to our college hoops Saturday here. After a week or so of relatively calm stuff up at the top-10, two of the first games today saw two Big East teams lose at home. Seton Hall and Nova sort of pushed themselves away from everyone else in the Big East too, which makes it even more perfect. 

First you had Xavier just absolutely beat the shit out of Seton Hall. That score wasn't really an indication of how the game went. Xavier jumped out to a 24 point lead, on the road, a game after Xavier collapsed at home to Marquette. That was as much of a must win game for Xavier as you'll see this year. So what happened? Tyrique Jones beat the hell out of every Seton Hall big, especially Romaro Gill. 

More importantly, Xavier has a way to slow down Myles Powell by putting Naji Marshall on him. Then you have a guy in KyKy Tandy, who is the real difference maker for Xavier. The freshman actually provides shooting - something this team DESPERATELY needs and helped close the gam.e This was by far the biggest win of the day so far. 

Then you had this. 

Creighton came out and shot the hell out of it to start - most notably Ty-Shon Alexander. Actually, what made Alexander's game so damn good today was his ability to stay in front of Saddiq Bey and forced him into 4-for-13 from the field. Creighton is one of the best teams that no one is really talking about. I do think there's a bit of a cap on them just because of overall defense as a team. But, these 3 guards in Alexander, Ballock and Zegarowski are as good as any in the country. 

So here we are. 2:10pm and off to what appears to be a regular Saturday in college hoops this year. Just a bunch of upsets, ranked teams falling and mayhem.