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Single Man Rents Billboard To Find Love Because He's Tired Of Dating Apps, Gets Over 200 Online Applications


Fed up with the modern dating app game, Mark Rofe decided to pay £425 for the huge sign advertising himself on a busy road in Manchester.

The 30-year-old from Sheffield is hopeful it will prompt the perfect woman to swipe right into his life.

He said: "I've had more than 100 people get in touch. Unfortunately half are men but I'm still very flattered."

What a power move.

First off, I'm a huge fan of the slogan on the billboard.

"This could be the sign you're waiting for" written in the undefeated comic sans.

Just a great little pun that I'm sure the ladies are absolutely eating up. The ladies love a good pun.

I get how spending £425 ($561 USD) for an advertisement could be seen as desperate but I tend to disagree. I think it's a quirky little thing that the ladies will eat up. I think it's a better idea than just being on some dating app where you'll never get noticed unless he's a rocket. Which, no offense to Mark, he is not. It also reaches an audience which he might not have gotten otherwise. Not every single person is on tinder, bumble, etc.

The website included on the billboard is interesting as well. It's just a big application with a bit of info about him. 

I wonder how much money he dished out on this domain as well. I like to think this dude is just hemorrhaging money to get a date, a respectable thing to be completely honest. Another comic sans appearance on the website this time, nice.

The website also notes that a little over 290 people have applied via the online application. So I guess you could say it was somewhat worth it. Imagine the embarrassment that he would face if he spent that much money on that billboard and only got like 2 applications. I think he'd just have to retire from life as a whole. Just hang up the cleats and call it quits. For all we know, Mark could be juicing these numbers so that other people see that total date application number and figure they should apply too. If that's the case, I tip my cap to Mark and say well played.

The one thing that killed me about this site is that he has a "facts and stats" tab.

"I tried to make it funny so hopefully I don't come across as a desperate loser."

I think he did a good job of making it funny. That's the route he had to take too. Could you imagine if it was a serious website/billboard where he's taking like professional photos and trying really hard? That would've resulted in two, maybe three applications. Nope, instead, he went the funny guy route and succeeded which just goes to show that the funny guy still plays. 

It makes me root for the guy. I wish nothing but the best of luck for Mark in his evergreen search for love.

PS- It's gonna suuuuuck having to go through all those applications and finding someone he actually wants to go a date with. There's no way he gets to everyone.