Bill Murray Dancing To Turn Down For What At A House Party For His Birthday

Post Courier – Bill Murray proved at a birthday party Saturday night that he is the gift that keeps on giving. The iconic actor who has a knack for making hilarious appearances at unexpected places attended a birthday party for himself and the party’s host at a rural Jedburg home Saturday night. Charleston Chef Brett McKee, who catered the event, took pictures and video of his long-time friendplaying air guitar to “8675309/Jenny” and grinding to “Turn Down for What” and posted them on his Facebook page. “He doesn’t care,” McKee said. “To him, he’s just a regular dude.”

Bill Murray just continuing his assault on the game of life, this time just breaking it down with a bunch of old women at a dinner party. You want air guitar to 8675309 Jenny? You got it. You wanna get low with Turn Down For What? Bill has you covered. Thats one hell of a house party. You’d think when you’re Bill Murray your birthday is a little more extravagant than this, no? Guy is worth like $120 million and is probably the most universally loved person on the planet. Could legitimately go anywhere, do anything for his birthday and the red carpet would be rolled out for him. But dude just wants to eat some dinner and dance around in the living room with his friends. Thats just what makes Bill Murray Bill Murray. He danced around to Turn Down For What, probably had sex with one of those heavy set middle aged women, and went to bed later thinking “what a great night.”