The US Figure Skating Team Picks Girl Who Came In 4th Over Girl Who Came In 3rd To Go To Olympics Because She's Prettier


Smile!  You’re Going to the Olympics!



DM – Each year at the national figure skating championships, the top three finishers are named as the US Olympic team. But a controversial decision by the U.S. Figure Skating Association on Sunday has seen Ashley Wagner – a major marketing element of the Olympics plan who crashed out of the finals after taking two tumbles during her routine – chosen over Mirai Nagasu, who finished ahead of Wagner in the competition and was the only skater not to fall or make a major error. The move marks the first time the federation has ever bumped a skater from the team who met all the credentials and placed high enough at nationals was passed over for the Olympics, with Nagasu named as an alternate. However the USFSA defended the decision by saying that it made an ‘objective analysis’ of the skaters, with Wagner ranked No. 2 in the world by before her meltdown. Wagner – who slipped under the stands to cry after her performance, fearing the worst – said she was shocked at the decision. But she thanked the USFSA for making the right decision. ‘I’m happy that my federation was able to see beyond one bad skate,’ she said through tears once the announcement became official. ‘I was overwhelmed from the big lights and the big show,’ she said. ‘I’m not that skater that everyone saw last night,’ Wagner said. ‘I’m a fierce competitor. I’m tough as nails.’

Yeah I know that Jerry Thornton is the resident figure skating expert around here, but this story pissed me off. Like for anybody who says the Olympics are real sports this should end that debate right now. I mean this makes the 2 Dave Hebner match look like it was fair and square. The National Figure Skating Championships just picking the chick who came in 4th to go to the Olympics instead of the girl who came in 3rd because she’s prettier.  I’m not even exaggerating. The top 3 skaters at Nationals always go to the Olympics. That’s always how it’s been. That’s always how it should be. You qualify for Olympics at Nationals. So if you fall on your face twice and come in 4th you lose. Well except for this year when the USFSA rearranged the results so the pretty girl could still be used for their marketing push. Sorry chick who came in 3rd you lose because you’re uglier looking and we don’t like you. That’s essentially what happened here.

And how about this chick’s quotes? “I was overwhelmed from the big lights and the big show”. Oh well in the case off course you should have been picked over the chick with ice water in her veins. After all no pressure in the Olympics….What a joke.