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If You Have 17 Minutes You Probably Want To Listen To This FHL (Single A Hockey) Announcer Try To Describe This Bench Clearing Brawl


I have no idea whether this is old or not.   Youtube says it was uploaded today but the footage looks straight out of 1983.   Honestly I wasn’t sure what to make of this at first but by the time the 3 minute mark rolled around I was sold and stuck around for the entire 17 minutes.  Probably had like 10 laugh out loud moments.   And for some reason it kept striking me as funnier and funnier everytime the announcer couldn’t figure out the names of who was fighting.   EVERYBODY IS A 3rd MAN!  THIS WAS A DOOZY!  THE DEAL WITH THE JERSEY WAS GREAT! THIS GOALIE HAS TO GO! SOMEBODY NEEDS TO RIP HIS MASK OFF AND POP HIM! I DON’T KNOW WHO THIS CLOWN IS WHO IS COACHING THIS TEAM…THEY DO NOT HAVE A COACH.

PS – How about the guy in the cowboy hat at the end?  What did he have to do with anything? Was he a player who got the hook?  Must have been.