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Patti From The Leftovers Says She Modeled Her Character After Bill Belichick

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Boston Globe – “After about the third episode or so, Patti kept reminding me of someone and I couldn’t figure out who it was,” Dowd explained, in an e-mail. “Finally it dawned on me that it was Bill Belichick, whom I watched countless times during Patriot games and always liked. And for these reasons: his stoicism, that he seems full of secrets, that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.”

OK Ann, you’re going to be playing the role of “Patti,” the leader of this post apocalyptic cult hell bent on making the rest of the world miserable while expressing no normal, reasonable human emotion or expression.

Great! I know just the person to mimic!

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Seriously how much of a fucking weirdo do you have to be that the most fucked up character on the most fucked up TV chose you as her inspiration? If someone ever told me I was like Patti from the Leftovers I’d kill myself. I guess that makes the rest of the GR Patriots fans right? Always fixated on events in the past, never able to move on and accept the current state of reality.