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I Need To Chime In On New York's Mayor Eating Pizza With A Fork and Knife #Forkgate





NYDailyNews -Just say no … to eating pizza with a knife and fork. Mayor de Blasio’s Forkgate scandal set off a furor yesterday as Big Apple pie experts condemned Hizzoner’s slice-munching method. “I’ve been working here 21 years and would never eat with fork and knife,” said Lester Fernandez, the manager at the iconic John’s of Bleecker Street. “It doesn’t have to do with taste, it’s just not the right way to eat. A true New Yorker doesn’t eat it that way.” De Blasio’s culinary gaffe is especially infuriating because his predecessor got in similar hot water back in 2009 for slicing a slice with a knife at Carmine’s in Williamsburg. “I’ve been eating pizza since I was 0 years old,” said Dan Rosario of Rosario’s Pizza on the Lower East Side. “In New York City we fold it, that’s the New York way.”

As the foremost pizza connoisseur in the United States (the Meyer Lansky of Pizza if you will) I felt like I had to chime in on forkgate. Yeah I know it’s Satruday, but this couldn’t wait. Mayor de Blasio just taking an absolute beating for eating pizza with a fork and knife. All these fraud New Yorkers saying he lost all credibility eating it this way. Typical arrogant, fraudulent New Yorkers. What do they know about pizza anyways? Here is a fact. It is 100% okay to eat pizza with a fork and knife. Don’t get me wrong I probably only cut my pizza 2% of the time, but the point is there is a time and place for everything.  For example if a pizza is piping hot out of the oven and you’re at a restaurant a fork and knife is must. If a pizza has tons of toppings a fork and knife can help it from becoming overly floppy. In fact I’d go as far as to say that cutting a pizza  actually helps savor every bite and every wondrous flavor. It can sometimes make it taste better. Anybody who says otherwise is trying so hard to fit a preconceived pizza stereotype that they can’t be taken seriously not only with pizza, but with life. Team Pizza has spoken.