Sydney Esiason And The BC Gang Ready To Take Over Barstool New York's "Back To School" Party

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Well, Boston College taking the early lead for Barstool’s Back To School College Football Saturday. I wouldn’t be surprised if she brought the entire BC campus. She’s like Queen of The Golden Eagles. And while I’m certainly not going to turn away Ms. Esiason and her friends, I’m not about to let a Boston school dominate a Barstool New York Party.

So this is the official challenge to make sure The Esiason Eagles don’t completely own Suite 36 next Saturday at Back To School. I’m formally challenging Fordham, NYU, Columbia (just kidding not Columbia), Rutgers, Monmouth, SUNY Cortland, Marist, whoever. Any colleges from the area should be dominating that bar. Also if Arizona State or USC or any of the girls at SEC schools want to come dominate, you’re certainly encouraged.

Anybody who wants to watch some football and booze it up on a Saturday afternoon, cmon through. Me and the Boston College crew will be there pretending we’re back in college.

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