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Breaking News: Bill Belichick Smiled 7 Times This Year



I got to be honest. I LOVE shit like this. LOVE it. I love how obsessed the rest of the world is with Bill Belichick. How scared everybody is of him. How ruthless they think he is. How diabolical they think he is.  Bill Belichick is literally worth 7-10 points every game just on sheer intimidation.  Opposing players and fans know going in that they are going to be outsmarted, outcoached, and outdiabolicled by Belichick.   Peyton Manning still muttering to himself about Belichick taking the wind.  Colts fans convinced that Deion Branch is a sleeper cell reporting back to us.   Spygate still haunting opposing locker rooms from coast to coast.  I eat it up.   Belichick may be my favorite Boston sports figure ever.    There is nothing better than rooting for the bad guy especially when you know the bad guy has all the answers.   That’s Belichick.    He’s the smartest guy in the room and he knows it.  I mean if he casually told me he figured out how to beat gravity and to walk off the Zakim Bridge I’d do it in a heartbeat.   That sense of confidence and arrogance he he instills in Pats players and fans is truly priceless.   Let the Seahawks have Pete Carroll who tries to be BFF’s with his players and his late night at the Apollo routine.  I’ll take the greatest coach of all time everyday of the week and twice on Sunday.